by Norwood Grimes



These works were all written and recorded around the time I started listening to The Residents which was around 2004, 2005.
Which was also around the time I started using home recording software, Cool Edit Pro to be exact. I'd say this album was particularly influenced by The Residents' Commercial Album.
This is part one of a small series of mini albums I will be putting out,
they will mostly consist of old works but some may include newer works, but then again they may not... Who knows?
Keep an eye out for part two...
Oh, I just decided I am going to call the series, WHAT!
(notice this is a statement and not a question)
(notice how I keep trying to find things to dribble on about).

Look for me on the internet.


released April 7, 2011

All songs by Norwood Grimes, except the words for "Nasty Goodbye" which were written by Gary Smith.

Front cover artwork by Peter Because. Back cover artwork by Norwood Grimes.

©2011 Norwood Grimes. All rights reserved, yada, yada yada.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Practically Only Remembering No One
Don't look, don't look!

Do ya wanna bomb 'em?
Do ya wanna bomb 'em?
Bomb em..


Ten bucks!
Track Name: Nasty Goodbye
Here it is
We know it is
A nasty goodbye
I don't got time to fade away

But don't you cry
Eventually you'll look for me
So fondly you'll sigh.
Track Name: Coming Back Around
It's coming back around
Lay back for a while
It's bound come 'round
And then you can smile
But if you weren't wise
You wouldn't despise
The fact that it's coming back around

The things that I've seen
And that I've heard
Have always been considered absurd
But if you weren't fucked
The things that would suck
Would not only be yourself.
Track Name: Mighty Mouse
Might Mouse was a man
Who lived abound the town around
He lived abound the town around.

Yeah, nah, yeah, nah, that's cool.

Occasionally he'd come around
But a small sound
From the mouth of this mini man
Who lived abound the town around
He lived abound the town around

Yeah, nah, yeah, nah, that's cool.

Mini man, oh, Mighty Mouse
We sing this song to you
A minute long's not quite a song
And you'll never start no crew.
Track Name: As I Lay Here
The glass goes up
The liquid goes down (again)
People come and go
As I fall to the ground
No one can see
These fires
Of my burning desires
Or feel my pain
That drives me insane
Can someone help me
I don't know
As I lay here... Dying
I hear the phone.