Trying To Reason With You

by Norwood Grimes



This EP is what I like to call my third debut. I call it that because it is technically my third record, but the first one to be released to the public.

I was heavily influenced by The Residents during this period and I guess I was trying to imitate their "train of consciousness" style.
Track 2, "A Social Anti-Socialist Discovering a Former You" is one piece in two parts. The first part is "Talking to a Brick Wall" and the second part is "Drawing Blood From a Stone" starting at around 5:19.

Please enjoy this expedition in experimental excrementalism.

And now, a story.

Greater opportunities would reveal themselves later down the line...
So with a sniff and a snort it was realised that her legs met with seven astronauts while visiting the president's room just before a surely terrorist attack type earthquake erupted. "Didn't they, Morgan?" But he knew that if he told that poor woman anything she would like you to play with her fingers for seven minutes and then flip it once for an extra three minutes and then it would be ready." And when he pulled it off the frying pan, the funniest thing I ever saw." "What!?" Demanded Stacey. "Well, I was walking to the shops were closed because two dogs had smoked out the house while tormenting a pig, so we had to fry him up to put him out because he really needed to go to the toilet."


released January 19, 2005

All music by Norwood Grimes.
©2005 Norwood Grimes.



all rights reserved


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